R Jones

AGE: 56
HOMETOWN: Deerfield Beach, FL

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SMOKE’S SCREEN is a modern take on the old Carson City days, where no one is virtuous and integrity is based solely upon the lesser of greater evils. It is a story of con artists, hoodlums, and corrupt cops; all vying for the same prize but with different agendas.
Smokey Howard is a career hustler (a craft learned from his father) with a desire to give up the con game, move to Morocco with the love of his life, and embark on a new career path filled with writing and “Sailing the Med by day, doing the clubs by night.”
Smokey’s dream is about to come true due to the success of one last con job, however, a monkey wrench is thrown into the fray when two corrupt cops, Donnelly and Smalls, unexpectedly become involved in the well-crafted plot. In an attempt to extort the proceeds from the con job, they push carte-blanche to the limit by abusing the power afforded them with their badges. This includes but is not limited to framing Smokey’s father, Nester, for murder, then double crossing their accomplice, psychotic, drug-dealing gang-leader, Hector Ramirez, to avoid sharing the loot.

With his father unjustly jailed for murder, Smokey is forced to abandon his plans and put together the biggest con of his life. With the help of his life-long friend and fellow grafter, Mason Daniels, as well as the services of his reluctant but highly qualified girlfriend, Janis Brown, he devises a plan to clear Nester and prove to his foes that winning the game isn’t so much about knowing how to play your hand, but rather knowing how to play your opponents hand.

With the cards dealt, and the stakes being life, freedom, and redemption, ‘Smoke’s Screen’ takes us on an intense and darkly humorous journey to a place where no one is beyond reproach, and nothing is ever what it seems to be.

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